Welcome to the 2021 Fish- Note Golf tournament!

There is a lot of info in this so please take your time to read it as we are changing the scoring method this year.


It’s called 2nd Chance

This is how it works...
Everyone will be playing the Quarry twice this year and the Legend once. The Quarry is where we will be playing 2nd Chance. Your Legend score will not change.

You will keep track of your net score just like in previous years and turn them into me after the rounds, we will fill them in after day one and see where everyone stands.

Day 2 at the Quarry:  We will be taking your best score on each hole from the two rounds at the Quarry and that will be your final score for that hole. So if you bogey hole 1 at the Quarry day one and birdie it day 2, your score will be a birdie. So the total score for the tournament will be based on a 36 hole score. The reason we are doing this is two fold:

  1. We don’t want to adjust HDCPs anymore Friday night
  2. You will notice your team HDCP will most likely be less than what we have been giving you, so the 2ndchance will give you a shot at redeeming that double bogey hole and give everyone a chance to hoist the Fish Note Trophy Saturday night.

HDCP Calculator link:

Scoring: As you know we have been for the most part guessing on hdcping a team for a scramble event then adjusting after Fridays round, all though we have become pretty good at it, the time it requires to adjust the hdcps Friday night has become too much. Good news though, in the search of a better solution I found there is actually a HDCP calculator out there to come up with a team hdcp for a scramble.

The first thing we are going to do is plug in you and your partners hdcp to the calculator (see attached link) and enter the slope of the course and it spits out your team HDCP for a scramble. This will be your hdcp for the entire weekend. If you don’t have an official hdcp we will guess and we will guess low, its $30 people. Note: if you or your partner is under a 5 hdcp and you choose to take those strokes and you win the tourney, there will be an asterisk next to your names on the shirt.

Cost: $100 payable to Cnote or Fish to cover food, prizes and skins. Golf will be paid at the golf courses and will be $160 (includes lunch at the turn) on Friday and $95 for the 18 holes at Quarry Saturday.

Thursday 8/12/21

Opening Ceremony: Beginning at 6:00 pm

Locations: Cnotes cabin located at: 5643 Birchbark Landing, Biwabik MN 55705.

Dinner: Provided by Uncle Dan, Nesty, Chris and Ruud. Lovosh provided by Coon Raider Fiterman. Thank you guys!!


Friday 8/13/21 

We will split courses between the group. Half of you will be starting on the Legend and half of you at the Quarry. For the afternoon round you will switch courses.

Morning Tee Times beginning at 7:50 am

Afternoon Tee Times beginning at 1:50 PM

Dinner: Poor Garys pizza at Cnotes

Giants Ridge

Saturday 8/14/21

Everyone will play the Quarry.

Starting tee time begins at 9:00 am.

Dinner: Grilling at Cnotes


Saturday Hole in One = Automatic Winner!

Sunday 8/15/21

Journey home with awesome memories and maybe... your name on the Fish-Note Invitational Champions Plaque!