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A Tradition Unlike Any Other!

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Golf Thank you to everyone who attended the 2020 Fish-Note Golf Invitational!

Members on the Dock

With well over a decade of great times and gritty competition, we present The Fish-Note Annual Golf Invitational - a tradition unlike any other! So you may be asking, what does the Fish-Note Invitational offer besides the prestige of displaying your golfing chops among your peers? For one, there's The Champions Plaque that the winning team takes home to proudly display to their loved ones and colleagues. Then there is also the paid entry for the following year guarantying the champions a spot to defend their championship, and finally, the glory of standing tall before your friends as champions of the year. Let's face it, isn't that truly the ultimate prize anyway?

2020 Champs!

Jerk & Kotyk

Congratulations to Jerk & Kotyk, the 2020 Fish-Note Invitational Champions!

Well Played Boys!

2020 Champs

Some Good Press!

The tournament got a little good press the week of 9-23-2020. Thank you to the Masabi Tribune Newspaper for recognizing the Fish-Note Invitational's attendees charitable donation to the First Responders of Virginia. Thank you to all of the participants who continue to donate every year to worthy causes! To view the article go to the About section.


It all started in 2004 with two tournaments among friends, the JuneBug and the Smelly Schu.


To make it a true triple crown affair, the Fish-Note Invitational was added to the mix and has been going strong ever since!

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Many of the members of the Fish-Note Invitational are friends and family of the founders.


Though the attendees may change from year to year, the core participants are always ready to play!

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Scheduling is important with an event like the Fish-Note Invitational. Find out where and when things are happening! 

The Where and When

The Annual Fish-Note Invitational Golf Tournament is held in the late summer and goes from a Thursday evening to Sunday morning to create a tradition unlike any other.

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